TrueTrace LiveWire Tracking Solution

Tracking Simplified

The TrueTrace LiveWire tracking solution combines industry leading hardware from Teltonika with TrueTraces intuitive live tracking platform & a multi-network European data SIM. The tracker can be installed in any vehicle/asset with a 10v to 30v DC power source, 12v DC is most common in Vehicles and is perfect for the tracker. The price you see is the price you pay, unlike some other providers of tracking services we do not have hidden fees or charges. We've truly simplified vehicle tracking.

Configured and ready to go out of the box you only need to install the tracker and activate it in our on-line portal allowing you to focus on enjoying your vehicle safe in the knowledge you'll always know where it is.

Perfect for tracking Cars, Vans, Motorbikes, Dirtbikes, Mopeds, Motorhomes, ATV's, Lorries, Boats or anything with a 10V to 30V DC power supply (12V DC is most common in vehicles). Simple to install, you only need to connect the red wire to a constant power source and the black wire to an earth point.

Key Features - Included as Standard

  • IP65 rated Water-Resistant design
  • High gain antennae
  • < 3M accuracy
  • Integrated backup battery
  • On board backup memory
  • GPS, GALILEO, SBAS, DGPS and AGPS positioning technologies
  • Accelerometer for movement detection
  • Device dimensions 91x57x14mm
  • Data SIM covering 52 Countries
  • Intuitive live tracking website with satellite maps
  • Speed, heading, location, altitude all recorded
  • Generate reports showing trip data and the route taken
  • Custom Geofences
  • IOS & Android Mobile tracking apps
  • Over the air firmware updates - we keep your device up to date!

The Tracker features internal high gain antennae for reliable connectivity, enabling consistent positioning with 3 Meters of accuracy or greater utilising GPS & GALILEO satellites. SBAS, DGPS and AGPS technologies enable further improved accuracy. Built in memory will store 100's of positions locally in the unlikely event of connectivity loss, sending them to the TrueTrace platform once connection is restored. A built in backup battery allows tracking to continue for up to 3 hours as well as alerts to be sent in the event of power disconnection/tampering. A finely tuned accelerometer provides movement detection, enabling the device to wake if it is disturbed. All of this contained within a rugged ABS IP65 rated water resistant case with notched design to facilitate secure fitting.

  • High gain antennae
  • On board backup memory
  • Integrated backup battery
  • GPS, GALILEO, SBAS, DGPS and AGPS positioning technologies
  • Accelerometer for movement detection
  • IP65 rated Water-Resistant case
  • <3M accuracy
  • Device dimensions 91x57x14mm

The Platform, TrueTrace live is built with usability and simplicity in mind. View device location, speed, altitude, heading, status and more - live on a satellite or standard map. All of this at your finger tips on an Android or IOS mobile or tablet device using the TrueTrace Live app. TrueTrace live is also available on the web at for easy viewing from any Internet connected laptop or PC.

  • Integrated satellite & road maps by Google for clean and accurate mapping
  • View your assets location live, updates are processed within seconds of being received
  • Draw zones on a map and enable alerts to notify you if your vehicle leaves this area
  • Enable alerts to notify you of a device changing state, leaving a geofence and more
  • View previous Journeys and previously traveled routes on the map with historical data
  • Reverse Geocoding technology displays the estimated address of your devices location based on coordinate data

The Mobile Data is one of the most important parts of asset tracking. What good is a tracker if you can't track it? That's why all our SIMS are on an M2M network, built for reliable connectivity. Your SIM will automatically roam between multiple network providers masts in order to maintain connectivity to our servers. In the UK the partner networks are EE, O2 & Vodafone meaning you're backed by the countries biggest providers.

International Roaming as standard. Our SIMS can be used in 50 countries either permanently or roaming in and out, a full list can be found here. This feature is included as standard and is perfect even if you don't plan on going abroad as you never know where your asset could end up if the worst were to happen.

  • M2M grade SIM
  • Multi-Network roaming for consistent connectivity
  • Track in 50 different countries as standard

At the end of the 12 Months of included mobile data & TrueTrace LIVE you can choose to keep tracking for ONLY £4.49 a month or pay £49.39 annually and enjoy a month free! No contracts.

TrueTrace LiveWire Package

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